Trello. I love you, but we need to talk.


I cannot say enough things about how much I love Trello and how much it has changed. my. life. OK. Maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but Trello is freakin’ awesome.

I use it at work for managing my stories and collaborating with other designers and PMs on different teams. I use it at home for my personal and freelance gigs. I try to use it for almost everything.

You, my friends have made a fantastic product.

But…(and here it comes), the one thing I cannot STAND about Trello is the activity feed. It’s annoying. It’s in the way. I personally do not want to see every single piece of information that happens to that card. I don’t need to know that an image was uploaded when I can see it right in the attachments at the top of the card, or that the card moved from one list to another list when I am looking at the board.

Case in point.


So, I have some ideas. I came up with some quick and dirty comps to help illustrate some updates I would love for you to consider for the cards.


No. 1 – Hide/Show

Option 1

This one is easy. Just add a hide/show affordance right next to the ‘Activity’ title. Super easy to add. You can even show it by default and let us(ers) decide if we want to see it or not. Win-win, right?

“But what about all those comments and thoughtful discussions that are on those cards? We don’t what to hide those.”

Great question; a perfect segue into my next idea.


No.2 – Make It Its Own

Option 2

For me, the Comments are a very important part of the card. That’s why I propose to make Comments its own section.

When you have comments intermittently included throughout the feed, it’s difficult to wade through different feed items just to see what others are saying. Especially if you have multiple collaborators.

Keep the comments together.


No. 3 – Text Box for Notes

Option 3

This last idea is really more for me. I am probably the only one that would use this, but give me a text box above the Comments. Some place just to write notes about whatever it is I want to write on the card. I don’t like using the “Description” because I feel that is about the card itself. But if I went to a meeting or had an idea, I would love a place to write stuff down without having to feel I need to make a Comment.

Anyways, thanks for listening, and keep making Trello awesome.


  • This exactly what I miss from Trello. Thanks man for explaining everything in a best way.

  • Thanks Benji.

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