Behance Supports Full-Width Images. Finally.


Hi friends.

Last month or so, Behance finally made the much needed feature update to their site of adding full-width (full-bleed) portfolio images to the portfolio pages. No more hacks. No more tricks. No more transparent .pngs.

Thanks for the team at Behance for the release of this great feature.

Here is what you do if you want to embrace this all new and awesome feature. If you haven’t been on Behance in awhile, you will get a little modal message letting you know about some of the new updates.


When you upload your portfolio images, you will notice a new double arrow icon in the top right of the uploaded image when you hover over the image.

Like so.


Click it. Done. Image is now full-width. BOOM.


If you are not feeling all the full-width goodess…hover over the image again and click on the same double arrow icon.


The image will go back to normal, just as you had originally uploaded it.


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  • Thank you!

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